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After two decades in the domain industry, we were tired of the existing domain selling platforms. That's why we developed fruits — a revolutionary platform that transforms the selling process into something much simpler and more efficient.

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Best prices and automatic billing with fruits

fruits offers best prices and no hidden costs. It takes care of all your accounting and VAT - you heard right!

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no further charges

Automatic credit note
VAT service



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Automatic credit note
VAT service



plus VAT

Automatic credit note
VAT service
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"fruits provides an excellent platform for effortlessly selling domains. The pricing is extremely favorable, invoicing is automated, and the sales landing pages are optimized for maximizing sales."

Stefan Wiegard
Atop Capital, Owner of >80.000 domains

A seamless experience for you and your domains

From invoicing to domain transfer. fruits takes care of all the tedious work!

High-performance sales pages

A modern design that converts, various pricing options (fixed price, price proposal) and trust factors.

Exemplary sales lander

Buyers can pay with all common payment methods

We integrate against all common payment methods. Credit cards, Apple Pay, and Klarna included.

Automated invoicing, credit notes, and VAT service worldwide

Administrative tasks such as creating invoices and credit notes or even VAT returns are completely taken off your hands.

AI service for sales success

Fresh ideas for domains:
AI opens up new possibilities

Discover the AI-powered suite from fruits! Our idea: Instead of just waiting for your domains to sell, we actively work on optimizing them!

We focus on significantly improving the conversion of your domains' type-in traffic by developing modern landing pages and implementing AI experiments.

Most customers who abandon a domain purchase simply don't understand the reason for a premium price. This is where our tools come in:

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AI Negotation

Our algorithm reacts to price proposals, discusses a discount and declares the value of the domain.

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AI Business Builder

A website and concept ("This is what your business could look like"), which is offered to the interested buyer.

AI Broker

Identifies potential buyers and contacts them using the arguments of the AI price negotiation algorithm.

fruits AI Service

Develop the future of domain sales with us

Your wish is our command! Do you have an idea? Let us talk to you.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about selling with fruits.

How do I start selling a domain?
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To begin selling your domains, access the product cockpit. You can upload multiple domains in bulk or just a single domain. Enter your domains and set a price. After you have uploaded and priced your domains, you will immediately receive a sales link that you can share. For an overview of your domains, go to the Dashboard in your menu.

How do the sales landers look like?
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fruits offers beautiful and conversion optimized sales landers with various pricing option such as fixed price or price suggest. Find an exemplary sales lander here.

Can I sell worldwide and as a commercial entity?
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fruits supports nearly all countries. Sales are of course possible between the EU and the US. fruits handles invoicing and proper VAT payment (for the seller) in the buyer’s country. fruits onboards sellers from the EU, the US and many more. Both private individuals and commercial entities can use fruits for selling.

How does invoicing work at fruits?
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Direct afer a purchase the buyers receive an automatic invoice (PDF) via email. The invoice displays the purchase price (gross and net) and the VAT. fruits is the issuer of the invoice, as a seller your information/data is not disclosed to buyers.

What information does fruits need from me as a seller?
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fruits requires your seller information once, before the first payout. This is in line with legal requirements as part of our KYC (know your customer) process. For natural persons, we need the name, address, and identity card. For legal entities, we require an identity document of the company's legal representative, company name and legal form (e.g., GmbH, AG, OHG), register number (if applicable), and the address of the registered office or principal place of business along with the incorporation document.

When do I get my money and what does the worldwide tax return mean?
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Each month, you as a seller will receive a payout of your total earnings to your payout account. You only need to complete the KYC process once before. The credit notes are sent as a PDF document by e-mail or can be downloaded from your menu. fruits is a sales platform based in Germany. For international sales, the calculation of VAT is complex due to the different tax rates in the various countries. fruits takes care of the invoicing and ensures that the VAT is paid correctly depending on the buyer's country.

What are the fruits nameservers?
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To ensure that your domains are accessible and can be purchased, you can use the fruits nameservers.

Just enter the following nameservers at your domain registrar and start selling with ease!

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