Sell files and meets directly through social channels

No initial setup necessary, automated hosting and invoicing (All-In-One), direct integration in reach channels.

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Your product in 3 steps

With fruits you can create digital products with ease and sell them in the channels of your choice.

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    Create product

    Upload a file or schedule a meeting and set a price for it.

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    Share the link to your product

    You will receive your product-link that you can place and share anywhere.

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    Earn money

    Enjoy your earnings. fruits takes care of payment processing and invoicing.

Creator, coaches, and trainers love fruits


    Experts and creators have already earned money with fruits


    per month with coaching calls

    5 hours

    average time saved per week


    better conversions with fruits

Customized features and fair prices

  • Setup time per product
    1 minute
  • Costs
    5% of sales (no fixed costs)
  • Sell services
  • Direct integration in Social Channels
  • Worldwide invoicing and VAT service
  • Sell as easy as pie in under 60 seconds

    A seamless experience for you and your audience

    Release new products in no-time without setup costs. Integrate fruits in any channel, chat, or website. Convert significantly better.

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      Create product or service easily (don't worry about hosting)

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      Converting design and personalization options

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      Buyers can pay via PayPal or other common payment methods

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      Automated invoicing and VAT service worldwide

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      Dashboard with overview of your products and transactions

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