AI service for better sales

AI in domain trading:
A game-changer you can’t ignore

Discover's AI-powered suite for domain trading. Our idea?
Instead of just waiting for a sale of your valuable domains, we strive to optimize!

We foucs on significantly improving the conversion of your domains' type-in traffic by developing modern landing pages and implementing AI experiments.

Our approach

Why shouldn't we educate them?

Most customers that abort the purchase of a domain, just don't get the reasoning behind a premium price. That's were our tools come into play:

A negotation icon
AI Negotation

Our algorithm reacts to price proposals, discusses a discount and declares the value of the domain.

An AI Business Builder Icon
AI Business Builder

A website and concept ("This is what your business could look like"), which is offered to the interested buyer.

A broker Icon
AI Broker

Identifies potential buyers and contacts them using the arguments of the AI price negotiation algorithm.